Technology is changing the face of the mortgage field industry. Heightened levels of industry oversight and constantly changing regulations overload existing systems, and manual processes cannot comply efficiently. Brookstone Management capitalizes on next-generation technology by simplifying the complexities with our task-driven approach and integrated solutions.

Brookstone's technology solutions are fully integrated to eliminate errors and delays while maximizing efficiency.

task driven workflow platform
Task-driven workflow platform
Brookstone Management employs Cloud Technology Infrastructure to provide real-time data. Our customized portals give Brookstone, our clients, and our vendors instant access to specific workflow distribution, allowing for seamless and immediate results which shorten timescales and reduce costs.
mobile app
Our state-of-the-art mobile app is fully integrated with all of our systems of record, delivering real-time, geo-authenticated results instantaneously, thereby reducing property hold times as well as providing onsite background certification of inspectors and contractors.
vendor management platform
vendor management platform
This platform allows our Vendor Management Team to quickly and efficiently ensure compliance at both corporate and task levels with background checks, incident management, and licensing and insurance confirmation using a complete line of tools custom-built to deliver quality of services.
analytics and reporting
analytics and reporting
Brookstone utilizes a multi-tiered Data and Analytics Platform which allows us to audit and evaluate performance of both internal team members and external service providers.