No property left behind

Brookstone Management carries a property from the delinquent phase through sale, delivering a full spectrum of inspection, preservation, maintenance, repairs, and compliance services on vacant, occupied, and foreclosed properties.

A direct service provider to government agencies, lender servicers, and mortgage lenders, Brookstone maintains strict compliance with all jurisdictions, local and state authorities, and clients and investors guidelines. With timeliness, maximum quality, and steady communication at the cornerstone of each property, united with our task-driven and integrated technology solutions, we deliver seamless and immediate results to our clients, which shorten timescales and reduce costs.

Brookstone's hands-on approach combined with a multilayer quality assurance and boots on the ground program tests and assures quality throughout all stages, upholding our pledge where no property is left behind.
Property Inspections
Property Inspections determine occupancy and detect damages and concerns which can devalue a property or impact asset condition and safety.
  • Exterior Inspections
  • Interior Inspections
  • Occupancy Verification Inspections
  • Doorhanger Inspections
  • FEMA Disaster Inspections
  • Code Compliance Inspections
  • Insurance Loss Inspections
Property preservation
Property preservation
Property Preservation protects and preserves vacant properties, preventing neighborhood blight and keeping communities safe.
  • Initial Securing and Lock Change
  • debris and hazard removal
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Winterization
  • Snow Removal
  • Pool Securing
  • Conveyance Condition
REO Services retain and improve property value and accelerate sale of the asset, while reducing risks associated with property hold time.
  • initial services
    • Securing
    • winterization
    • Debris removal and janitorial services
    • lawn maintenance
  • ongoing services
Repairs are astutely scoped out to return a property to its best value condition and increase market appeal.
  • estimates
  • repairs and rehab
  • bio-hazard remediation
  • environmental remediation
hazard insurance claims
hazard insurance claims
Insurance Claims Management oversees all aspects of insurance inspection, claims, and repairs.
  • claims management
  • repair management
  • recoverable depreciation
code compliance
code compliance
Properties are kept free of violations and clear of all liens.
  • code compliance
  • violation resolution