Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brookstone Mobile and why do I need a Pruvan account?
Brookstone Mobile requires you to have your own Pruvan account. Brookstone Mobile is powered by Pruvan and is used to distribute field work orders to all their contractors and collect field data and evidence photos required by our various clients. Setup is simple and takes less than 10 minutes.
What is Pruvan?
At a minimum think of Pruvan as a point/shoot camera replacement and paper form replacement. Pruvan allows you to use a connected Android or Apple iOS mobile device, instead of a point/shoot camera and paper forms, to complete your work onsite. Specifically, Pruvan is an online and mobile data collection software solution that is provided as a monthly service. Pruvan allows field professionals to receive work on their mobile devices from various work providers, including Brookstone Management. Pruvan allows you to take organized photos, build your own mobile forms or checklists and use Pruvan for all your work if desired.
How much does Pruvan cost?
Pricing starts at $35 per month for unlimited transactions per device. Volume discounts start at five (5) devices.
Where can I learn more?
Please see for more information, or reach out to your vendor manager at Brookstone for more information.
Want to ask Pruvan a question?
Email them at